Best Face Masques

Hiya partners 🙂 Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I want to talk about face masques today. I love those things. I’ve been using Queen Helen’s Mint Julep Masque for years now (10? yikes). I find there’s nothing better to deep clean my pores and draw breakouts up to the surface. (Gross I know.. sorry!)

Since I’ve moved to college, I haven’t used one yet, and it’s LONG overdue. I can’t wait to get home and use it, especially since my face has not been looking so hot in the last few days thanks to stress over finals. My skin is by no means “problem” skin, but since I’ve changed my location from a humid climate to an extremely dry one, I’ve noticed a huge difference. At home, I’d get the occasional whitehead and blackheads on my nose. Here, I get those big, painful, under-the-skin cysts that make putting makeup on a challenge. It doesn’t really make sense, considering I drink, I don’t know, five 24oz water bottles per day to stay hydrated here, but I think it has something to do with the lotion I put on my face to keep it from feeling tight.

I have yet to find a good hydrating masque that will also clean the gunk out of my pores. Any suggestions? I’m desperate.

Also – has anyone tried the whole gelatin-milk pore-strip thing? I’ve been reading a lot about it on various blogs and it sounds like something I should do when I get home, but I also have fairly sensitive skin and don’t want to completely freak it out.

MAC Blue Brown Pigment

MAC Blue Brown Pigment

MAC Blue Brown Pigment

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I LOVE THIS. It’s my latest obsession. I saw it on a friend over the summer and was fascinated by how it looked like she had layered a blue/green shimmer over a brown. When she told me what it was, I HAD to go buy it. (Obviously). It’s absolutely gorgeous on all skin tones.

Lately, I’ve been using it with a wet angled brush as a thick eyeliner. I’m obsessed with how multidimensional and interesting it looks. Love, love, love.

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MAC Cream Color Base in Shell

Okay. I love this product.

I use it as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and on the brow bone. It’s a beautiful pink-silver color, and it’s positively dashing on peaches-and-cream complexions like mine.


A lot of critiques I’ve heard of this color is that it translates as “GLITTER!” on the face. I haven’t encountered this yet, but I also use it super-sparingly. I’m from the less-is-more school of beauty, having to wash it all off before the return home from middle school so my mom wouldn’t see 🙂

I really like this as an eyeshadow, on the inner corner of the eye, though I will say that it definitely creases. My eyeballs aren’t particularly oily, and even after a primer and application of powder to my eyes, it still pools up in the crease after an hour when I apply it all over my eye.

Overall, I think it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re on the market for a natural-looking highlighter to illuminate and shade your face.

It costs $17.50. I think it could be less expensive, but it also lasts a long time. I’ve had another cream color base for over five years (don’t kill me!) and I JUST hit the pan, after near-daily use. Just something to consider.


Braided Hairstyles

Oh my goodness. I love braids SO much. I know they’re starting to get old and seen everywhere, but I still love them. I think they’re so fun and versatile, and perfect for my growing-out-the-bangs stage that I’ve been in since the summer.

Because they’re seen EVERYWHERE, I always try to find unique braiding styles to switch it up. I’ve done a rope braid, a Dutch braid, a waterfall braid, a French braid, a braided headband… the list continues.

French braid

My Hair for Prom


Are braided hairstyles becoming overdone? Do you know of any other braid techniques?