How to Wear It: The Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are such a timeless staple. I love all the new modern cuts and styles, because they make them so much easier to wear, and makes for some adorable outfits!!

I love neutral colors, especially for such an investment piece, as well as classic fits and detailing. My favorite outfits let the rest of the outfit follow the trend.

I personally don’t like these ones as much…

I just feel that these are too trendy for investment pieces. If they were faux leather and not expensive, I think I would feel differently about them.


Nail Art

Hey everyone!

How do you feel about nail art/nail designs? I like a lot of them on the younger age brackets, but it is SO easy to come out looking tacky. (IMHO).

A particular favorite of mine is the design on a french manicure – like instead of white on the tip, doing a neon with polka dots or something like that. I think it’s a more work-appropriate way to get away with nail art!

By the way – if you ever are in Hong Kong, check out the designs available at pretty much any nail salon! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it – so many rhinestones, colors, and LENGTH! Oh, my goodness, the length of those bad boys was out of control! Anyway, enough of a rant, here are some pictures.



And the bad….


Hey guys! Hope everyones doing well!

Todays post is about… you guessed it… lips! Without further adieu, I show you the good. (In my opinion anyway).

neon! so cute.

And… the bad! I’m sorry.. I’m a naturalist. I don’t understand fake lips. There’s plenty of ways to make your lips look plumper than they are without injections or black lipliner! Intervention!!