Dear Retailers

Dear retailers,

It is the end of June, and I am forced to face the task of buying a new bathing suit. Why must you make it so hard?

Seriously, why must you include “push-up” padding in size XL bathing suit tops? Do you really think that if I am buying a size XL top, that I really want to enhance my already-big chest? Because news flash: I am not. I wear a size medium in shirts, and I buy XL bathing suit tops to look decently modest: I really do not want to look like I am running around the pool in a brightly-colored, bedazzled push up bra.




Secret Outlast Clear Gel Review


Hey guys!

I have another influenster-sponsored post today. In the spring VoxBox I received a full-size antiperspirant/deodorant, and let me just say, I LOVE THIS. Like seriously, in love.

I don’t tend to go for gel formulas – I find them to be too sticky, and take forever to dry before I want to get dressed. Not this one. The scent, “completely clean”, is perfect for me, as it smells fresh. No more pit stains! And I’m even back in hot, humid Boston, so this has really been put to the test.

It is a little chilly upon application, but that hasn’t been a problem for me with this hot weather. It’s actually pretty refreshing, and not to mention awakening!

This is also good for keeping the underarm area clear – and I will expand – but just giving a TMI warning :). Before I received this VoxBox, I had been using a different antiperspirant/deodorant, one that was made to be clinical and prevent sweating, and will remain unnamed. It was white, which was fine with me as I usually put my deodorant on a few minutes before I get dressed. Well, a few days after using it, I had this painful LUMP under my armpit, which at first I thought was just an ingrown hair. After days of hot salt compresses, it finally popped, and OMG – the junk that came out of it was the deodorant. A massive amount of it from one pea-size lump. Yeah, no thanks. All set.

Thankfully, that doesn’t happen with the Secret Outlast formula. It is clean, fresh smelling, and doesn’t even cause white marks. Can’t beat that! I will TOTALLY buy more of this when I run out, and now I am a believer in the gel formula. At least for hot summer 🙂

NYC Applelicious Big Apple Red – Review


Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster in a VoxBox for review purposes.



I was really excited when I saw this lip product in my VoxBox. I tend to like NYC products because they are cheap, and more accessible to me than brands such as ELF. They are good for a nice little “pick me up” or as a way to experiment with colors you might not normally try without a big financial risk. I’m glad to see that they have upgraded their products somewhat.

First Impressions: This product looked to me like all of those lipsticks that were in a few years ago with the “hydrating inner core”. It is labeled as a “glossy lip balm”.

Be forewarned: this thing smells. Maybe I got a bad product, but it smells like melted plastic with a hint of artificial fruit- not very pleasant.

It is also more pigmented than I was expecting. It is definitely a sheer red. I wouldn’t say it is a lipstick but it is definitely more than a balm – more a tinted balm or a stain. This was a little bit shocking for me because I wasn’t expecting it to turn out so bright – but it is definitely red. I am not really a fan of bright colors on my own lips, so it was a little startling, although the color itself is nice.

Overall: Retailing for just $2.79 a pop, I think they’re a worthwhile treat for yourself or a way to get comfortable wearing light color, granted that you don’t have an overly sensitive nose (or hopefully that I just got a particularly smelly product). I wish I had been sent a different color that is a little bit more to my taste, something more neutral, but perhaps I will have to go pick one up the next time I am at the drugstore!