Is 15 weeks long enough to review a hair product? 🙂
Because I am totally in love with the Penetraitt system by Sebastian. The shampoo and conditioner combo have completely changed my hair, even in the dry Colorado climate.

Before, my hair was frizzy, dry, and dead. Since I get highlights, the effect was dramatized.

Look at those raggedy ends! Yikes!!

I clearly needed a trim in this picture. But my hair was also just not in a good place. After using the Penetraitt system for 15 weeks, it’s more to the tune of this:

That’s me on the right. HOW MUCH BETTER IS THAT?!

My hair is so soft, doesn’t tangle, and is much shinier. And I haven’t changed my heat styling habits at all. It’s amazing.


Do you have a hair care system that you swear by? If so, which one?

Braided Hairstyles

Oh my goodness. I love braids SO much. I know they’re starting to get old and seen everywhere, but I still love them. I think they’re so fun and versatile, and perfect for my growing-out-the-bangs stage that I’ve been in since the summer.

Because they’re seen EVERYWHERE, I always try to find unique braiding styles to switch it up. I’ve done a rope braid, a Dutch braid, a waterfall braid, a French braid, a braided headband… the list continues.

French braid

My Hair for Prom


Are braided hairstyles becoming overdone? Do you know of any other braid techniques?