New Years Eve Beauty/Style Tips

Happy New Years Eve!! Can you all believe in a few hours we’ll be in 2013?! That’s crazy to me.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. I enjoyed the time to pig out and spend with family and friends. Starting 2013, it’s back to the gym/eating healthy/bikini body mindset!

I know I’m late and probably should’ve posted these tips yesterday, but better late than never right? These are (as usual) just my opinions! Enjoy the New Years Eve parties, beauties!!

Tip Number 1: Don’t Forget the Legs. As ladies, we spend SO much time perfecting our faces. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress (or shorts!) tonight, don’t neglect your legs! This picture has been circulating Pinterest for a few weeks, from the blog Maskcara. Genius!!Image

A little temporary tan/shimmer, plus it makes her already incredible legs look fantastic! You already know I went out and bought this at Target today. 🙂

Tip Number 2: Don’t bust yourself in Heels. I HATE wearing heels. Especially where I live in New England, with all the snow and ice out there, it’s just not worth it to me. I’d rather be comfy in some sparkly flats! I actually saw a pair identical to these ones at Target today!Image

Tip Number Three: Try Some False Lashes. It’s one of a handful of nights where even the craziest falsies go! I prefer a more natural looking falsie, but hey – anything goes!Image

Tip Number Four: Whatever you wear, be confident in it! Just because your best girlfriends are all wearing sequin dresses, if you feel most confident in skinny black jeans and a flowy top, rock it! Confidence will always win! Same goes with makeup looks too!

Be safe tonight lovelies!


My Love Affair with Nude Shoes

Nude. The word is so taboo. But nude shoes are, in my opinion, one of the necessities in any woman’s closet.

“But what about black?” You might ask. Black is great too. But, I feel that the nude shoe has much more versatility than a black one.

First and foremost: Talk about having amazon legs. Girl, if your nude shoes are a close match to your skin tone, your legs are gonna go on for days. Seriously. Check out these ladies:


I would especially like to draw your attention to Ms. Kourtney Kardashian. I think the effect is super highlighted on her here: her legs look super long.

The second thing is the versatility of nude heels. They can look innocent and sweet, a la Taylor Swift, or take on a sexier vibe, as seen on the Kardashian sisters. Due to their popularity, you can even buy ones with studs covering the heel.

Sam Edelman Heel

These may not be suitable to the average woman, but you see my point. There is a nude heel for everyone. I have a pair that I purchased on a whim from Marshall’s for $25. They are Madden Girl platform, patent-leather, Mary Jane pumps, and after a pair of gel inserts, I can wear those puppies for two hours before my feet start to hurt.

oh how I wish those were my legs

The last great thing? You never have to worry about matching your shoes to your clothes, because nude goes with just about everything! Especially for those who hate wearing tights – now you have a perfect excuse.

What do you think? Are nude shoes a worthwhile thing to have? Maybe even a necessity?