How To: White Eyeshadow

White eyeshadow is so pretty and clean, makes your eyes look bigger and makes you look more awake instantaneously.

It is also one of the infamous makeup looks that screams “MIDDLE SCHOOL” when done wrong, right up there with black eyeliner and frosty lipstick. All of which can be rocked with the right tweaks. Here are my tips to look more posh then frosh (ha ha ha.. get it?)













1) Use Primer. I don’t care what brand, use SOMETHING to prevent creasing, crumbling, and general nastiness.

2) Stick to the lashline and inner corner. Using a shimmery white shadow here is what really makes the eye-enhancing qualities of white shadow come to life.

3) Try a cream formula. For easy gliding over the lashline and preciseness, I really like pen formulas, such as this one by ELF.

4) And then go over it with a powder. This helps prevent creasing, and also gives the look staying power. Use an angled eyeliner brush or even a q-tip to really push the shadow into the lashline and/or inner corner

5) Use mascara to give your eyes definition. Since white eyeshadow is a pretty soft look, using mascara helps give your eyes subtle, soft definition. Maybe not as much as Kim K., but a healthy coating should do the trick.




Time for a Change

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that it’s time to make a change to my hair. I’m getting sick of the upkeep of blonde highlights, and I also am seriously bored with my hair!

Tomorrow I have an appointment, and I’m gonna be going some shade of brown!! Here are the photos I’m going to bring in to the salon for some inspiration:


I did my best to choose photos of women whose coloring is otherwise similar to mine. I’m really loving Jessica Biel’s color – hopefully that’s how mine will turn out. Sort of a warm, golden brown, with a rich enough base to make her eyes pop!

I’ll post pictures tomorrow after the salon!


Have any of you ever made a drastic hair change? What made you decide to go through with it? Do you have any regrets?

Tips for Clear Skin

Hey guys!!

I just want to share some of my tips for keeping my skin as clear as possible and treating breakouts when they come up!


1) Invest in your face. For me, this meant buying a Clarisonic Mia and Clinique moisturizer. That way, I can save on the things I use frequently, like face wash! On that note, cleaning your face consistently before bed is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Your internal temperature naturally rises when you sleep, and so if you leave makeup on, it is absorbed deep into the pore where it can trap bacteria, causing a break out. For late nights, keep face-wash pads next to your bed so you can at least swipe off your foundation!

2) WATER! I know you’ve heard it time and time again, but getting sufficient water is easily the best thing you can consistently do for your body. Keeping yourself hydrated helps flush your system of toxins that lurk, and also enables you to produce sweat easier when working out, which literally cleans your pores from the inside, out! Drink up, lovelies!

3) More fruits and veggies, less dairy! This has been a HUGE one for me. I know I’ve blogged about it, but I really think it’s made a huge difference. The best way for me to do this is by having a smoothie everyday, made with frozen fruit, coconut milk, and spinach. It’s tasty (try 1 frozen banana, coconut milk,1 cup of baby spinach, 1 tsp. of peanut butter. NOM!), healthy, and totally satisfying, especially after a workout! After about a week, I noticed a difference in my overall feeling of well-being, and especially in the clarity of my skin.

shown is banana, spinach, and frozen cherries – the coconut milk isn’t in there yet!

4) Tea tree oil is amazing for treating breakouts, especially those horrible under-the-skin, painful ones. I have had one of those on my forehead for around a month and I tell you, NOTHING was helping! Hot compresses, benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, even Tazorac – the thing would not shrink or come to a head. I finally pricked a little hole with a sterilized needle and smothered it in a cotton swab with pure tea tree oil on it before bed. By the next morning, it was almost gone. I’m seriously not joking. It’s still not gone, and it’s been 3 days of swabbing it nightly, but it is definitely on it’s way out. I’ve since used it on a few more minor breakouts, and also after popping (I know, I know, bad. So kill me, we all do it) and it works like a charm. The tingling sensation feels so amazing, and the pimple is dried up by the next day. I wish I had discovered this sooner.

So, those are my tips! (For now!) What are your best tips for keeping your complexion smooth and clear?



Hey guys! Hope everyones doing well!

Todays post is about… you guessed it… lips! Without further adieu, I show you the good. (In my opinion anyway).

neon! so cute.

And… the bad! I’m sorry.. I’m a naturalist. I don’t understand fake lips. There’s plenty of ways to make your lips look plumper than they are without injections or black lipliner! Intervention!!

Any Advice on Using the Clarisonic Mia?

Okay… I caved. Today I ordered the Clarisonic Mia from in my favorite color.

Credit to!Queen of self control, I’m not. But I think it will be an investment. I’ve struggled with my skin a lot, and the reviews are so good, I couldn’t help myself. It was $119, and I got free expedited shipping.

Of course, I will keep you all posted on how it works for me. Have any of you guys tried this? Any words of wisdom? I’d love to hear what you all have to say!

MAC Cream Color Base in Shell

Okay. I love this product.

I use it as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and on the brow bone. It’s a beautiful pink-silver color, and it’s positively dashing on peaches-and-cream complexions like mine.


A lot of critiques I’ve heard of this color is that it translates as “GLITTER!” on the face. I haven’t encountered this yet, but I also use it super-sparingly. I’m from the less-is-more school of beauty, having to wash it all off before the return home from middle school so my mom wouldn’t see 🙂

I really like this as an eyeshadow, on the inner corner of the eye, though I will say that it definitely creases. My eyeballs aren’t particularly oily, and even after a primer and application of powder to my eyes, it still pools up in the crease after an hour when I apply it all over my eye.

Overall, I think it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re on the market for a natural-looking highlighter to illuminate and shade your face.

It costs $17.50. I think it could be less expensive, but it also lasts a long time. I’ve had another cream color base for over five years (don’t kill me!) and I JUST hit the pan, after near-daily use. Just something to consider.