I Stole These Jeans

But not actually 🙂

Family, friends, strangers… I have officially outdone myself in bargain shopping. I literally don’t think it’s possible to have a victory better than this, at least for me.

I present to you my new baby… Hudson Jeans, found at Ross for $16.99








witchcraft, I tell ya! 

Less than 1/10th the retail price for these jeans! Making them cost less than even some Forever21 jeans! 

I feel like I just won the lottery! 


Flaws: button missing from back pocket, some tearing on hem. But seriously, I do not care! Especially because I was on the market for new jeans and had been specifically looking for Hudson jeans. Not to mention I rarely shop (or find anything) at Ross, but lo and behold a true Ross gem.


Dear Retailers

Dear retailers,

It is the end of June, and I am forced to face the task of buying a new bathing suit. Why must you make it so hard?

Seriously, why must you include “push-up” padding in size XL bathing suit tops? Do you really think that if I am buying a size XL top, that I really want to enhance my already-big chest? Because news flash: I am not. I wear a size medium in shirts, and I buy XL bathing suit tops to look decently modest: I really do not want to look like I am running around the pool in a brightly-colored, bedazzled push up bra.