Dear Retailers

Dear retailers,

It is the end of June, and I am forced to face the task of buying a new bathing suit. Why must you make it so hard?

Seriously, why must you include “push-up” padding in size XL bathing suit tops? Do you really think that if I am buying a size XL top, that I really want to enhance my already-big chest? Because news flash: I am not. I wear a size medium in shirts, and I buy XL bathing suit tops to look decently modest: I really do not want to look like I am running around the pool in a brightly-colored, bedazzled push up bra.




How To: Wear Cowgirl Boots!

How do you feel about cowgirl boots? Where I grew up, no one wore them; my mother has collected them for a few years and I always felt embarrassed by it. Now that I live in the Southwest, I see people rocking them all the time, and it has totally inspired me!

1) The boots! I chose a neutral brown, because they’re totally wearable with a lot of outfits. Let’s face it, cowgirl boots are not cheap; you want to get bang for your buck!

2) Try a floral dress! This look is more casual; something you would wear on the weekends (or around school!). It plays up the country feel of the boots.

3) Skinny jeans are a great way of showing off your boots! Especially if they have an interesting design.

4) With your LBD! Give your going-out shape a breath of fresh air, and your feet a rest! It’s unexpected, but still adorable!

5) This top. Again, another bargain from my recent Forever 21 order. This would look so cute with the skinny jeans, or just a plain black skirt and the boots!

6) While this dress is a little more casual, it could be work-appropriate if you have a more flexible office dress code. The stripes are really flattering, but the long sleeves keep you from being over-exposed.

7) A denim mini! Again, a more casual option, but still absolutely perfect for the upcoming spring and summer days where you want to show a little leg!

8) A bustier top! This one is under $15! This would look adorable paired with skinny jeans and a cardigan or light jacket!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Lace

I love lace. And it’s everywhere. I can’t get enough. It can be so ladylike, or a little naughty, but usually classy. Sometimes, though, it is done wrong.

Lace Do’s:

Mixing with other dainty patterns - do do do! Extra points for the contrast in fits of her tops.

I love this look so much... the dress is so girly but still shows some skin, and the boots toughen it up. Summery, beautiful, LOVE

YAY for brights! By paring it with a classic top, she keeps it classy.

Satin + Lace = Ultimate Nice Girl Combo. The body-skimming fit keeps it modern

A little sassy, a little girly, totally glamorous!

I love how there's two colors going, and the top is looser, keeping it classy!

Lace Don’ts:

I hate this... lace is by default classy. Please don't trash it up by pairing a dark bra underneath. A dark camisole would be preferable to this.

It's so matronly, especially for someone her age.

WHY!? Why do these exist!?

Does it have a rooster neck? Yuck.

I wish these had even a tan underpart - the length of the pants, please! this just looks strange.

Her seasons are mixed up - the dress would have been so cute with brown boots! Nix those unflattering layers!

Do you guys agree with me? Let me know!

Blue Eyeshadow

Hey there!


Question of the day is.. How do you feel about blue eyeshadow? Outdated? Underrated?


Personally, I love it, though it can be overdone VERY easily. Maybe it’s just nostalgic for me… the first eyeshadow I ever wore was blue. As a pale wash, as a bold liner, in the crease for a little extra “oomph”, blue is just so versatile!

from gouldyloxreviews!!!


What do you think?

Summer Glow All Year Round

I’m depressed that it’s November 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays and wintertime, but I hate being pale. And pasty. And having dry skin. I always feel healthier with a tan – even though I know that lying in the sun is the opposite of healthy.

That’s where St. Tropez comes in – and no I’m not talking about the beach (though if I could afford it…)

Come on - who doesn't want to be here right now

I’m talking about St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse. It’s lightweight texture and instant color allow for a seamless application, though I recommend wearing gloves during application because it dries very quickly. This is great because there is minimal staining on clothes, but it also means that your hands and fingers will become stained orange – quickly.

It takes about six hours to fully develop on me, and I’ve had it last for over a week before it started to look streaky. It has yet to make me orange, and I’m pretty pale. If you’re looking for something to give your summer glow one last hurrah, or just prefer the way you look with a tan, I highly recommend this product. While it is a little pricey (around $40 for a bottle), the bottle lasts for ages, and it is one of the best self-tanners on the market. I got mine in February of 2011, applied it once a week from May – July, and sporadically otherwise, and I still have a few more applications left. For the guarantee of a streak-and-orange-free tan, I’d say the price is fair. I purchased mine at Sephora, but it may be available elsewhere.

Here are some tips that I have for the application:

  • Exfoliate, Shower, and Moisturize the day before you plan to apply the tanner
  • Use a latex glove to apply the product, and make sure all areas are reached using a full-length mirror
  • Start at the ankles and work in small sections to ensure that it doesn’t dry before you spread it all out
  • Wait at least five minutes after finishing to get dressed to ensure you don’t stain your clothes
  • Put it on towards the end of the day, when you don’t have to leave the privacy of your home for the six hours – towards the end, I’ve started to look a little oompa-loompa esque, which is scary!
  • When in the shower to remove the excess color, don’t use a loofah, which will scrub the tan off. Instead, I stand under the water until I see it run clear. Then I gently dab the water off with a towel and apply moisturizer
  • The more moisturizer you use in the next few days, the longer it will last!
Enjoy! Let me know if you’ve tried it and loved it, or if you have other suggestions!